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2014 Year in Review

As an individual, do not wait or depend on your employer to conduct an annual review.  Spend a day or two reflecting on your accomplishments of the previous year and write them down, share them and be proud of them. 

Walker’s Rules of Consulting

Almost 20 years ago I had just started at Lante and the Senior Consultant I was working under gave me a slightly tattered document and said “read this”.  I did, and still have that same 7 page Walkers Rules of Consulting in

Go See Influential Executives for Free

Are you in a city that has a university? Often the graduate school of a university sponsors leaders in industry to come and speak to students in a forum open to the public and almost always for free. Depending on

Insights from Stein Kruse, CEO Holland America Group

Last night I had the privilege of attending a presentation and panel discussion with Stein Kruse, the CEO of Holland America Group, as part of the Executive Speaker Series at Seattle University. He gave a 15 minute talk and then

If I only had another 20 hours a month

What is the value of your time as a business owner? If you had 20 hours more each month to devote to your business, what would you use it for? Too often business owners get stuck in a rut. They