Author: Eric Adams

What Are You Saying?

Several conversations on Facebook and my experience as an executive over the past 20 years inspired me to write this article.  I have spent my career hiring and managing technical, creative and sales personnel for professional services companies.  If you

Is Your Wallet Ready for This Fall?

It is time to get a new credit card – before this fall. Well, at least it is time to learn how to use your credit card in a new way. The other day I was asked to use the

2014 Year in Review

As an individual, do not wait or depend on your employer to conduct an annual review.  Spend a day or two reflecting on your accomplishments of the previous year and write them down, share them and be proud of them. 

Walker’s Rules of Consulting

Almost 20 years ago I had just started at Lante and the Senior Consultant I was working under gave me a slightly tattered document and said “read this”.  I did, and still have that same 7 page Walkers Rules of Consulting in

Go See Influential Executives for Free

Are you in a city that has a university? Often the graduate school of a university sponsors leaders in industry to come and speak to students in a forum open to the public and almost always for free. Depending on

Be More Present in Meetings

There are many Meeting 101 web sites which are all very useful and constructive, however most of these describe the mechanics.  Here are a few ways to be more present in meetings. 1) If you don’t need to be present

Insights from Stein Kruse, CEO Holland America Group

Last night I had the privilege of attending a presentation and panel discussion with Stein Kruse, the CEO of Holland America Group, as part of the Executive Speaker Series at Seattle University. He gave a 15 minute talk and then

If I only had another 20 hours a month

What is the value of your time as a business owner? If you had 20 hours more each month to devote to your business, what would you use it for? Too often business owners get stuck in a rut. They